WP 5 will be responsible for designing and delivering a training plan for healthy lifestyle behaviour adoption, based on a psychosocial approach.


  • Define the methodology to increase among the population the awareness about major chronic diseases and multi –morbidity, its risk factors and prevention strategies
  • Define the training methodology to trigger behavioural changes among the population involved.
  • Define, according to WP4 (task 4.3 – 4.4), the composition of the training target groups
  • Create an integrated plan of actions to deliver events in the community to increase the individual awareness and empowerment for a better self – management of health.
  • Collect data from the ICT tools in order to trace the trend of the health benchmarks, and use this to increase and sustain healthy life styles and self – management.
  • Define the pathway for the management of risk (or critical) situations among SEFAC participants, identified by the ICT data collection

Work package leader: Oscar Zanutto, ISRAA

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