WP 6 will be responsible for creating an ICT tool to support the implementation of the SEFAC model. This will involve the specification of the services that will be enabled by the SEFAC ICT tool and the infrastructure architecture that will support the intended services, and the implementation of the first prototype, and later the final version, of the SEFAC online platform and mobile app.
In addition, the tasks include preparation of a manual and staff training, as well as platform operation, maintenance, and technical support.


  • Draw up specifications for the SEFAC ICT services.
  • Implement the SEFAC ICT tool that will enable self-management and monitoring of health and wellness parameters and will support behavior change and goals achievement.
  • Prepare the user manual of the SEFAC ICT Tool and train the trainers in its use.
  • Support smooth operation of the platform and the app during the pilot phase (in collaboration with WP7).

Work package leader: Anastasios Rentoumis, VIDAVO

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